Published Papers

Expectations, Education, and Opportunity
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Importing Corruption Culture from Overseas: Evidence from Corporate Tax Evasion in the U.S.
Journal of Financial Economics, 117(1), July 2015, pp. 122-138. (with Brad Heim and Anh Tran)
Previous version circulated as NBER Working Paper #17770

The Rise of Partnerships
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The Impact of Legal Enforcement: An Analysis of Corporate Tax Aggressiveness after an Audit
Journal of Law and Economics, 58, May 2015, pp. 291-324. (with Brad Heim, Anh Tran, Alex Yuskavage)

Flip-Flopping: Ideological Adjustment Costs in the United States Senate
Economic Inquiry, , 53(1), January 2015, pp. 108-128.

Rising Inequality: Transitory or Persistent? New Evidence from a Panel of US Tax Returns
Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, Spring 2013. (with Brad Heim, Vasia Panousi, Shanthi Ramnath, and Ivan Vidangos)

Political Parties as a Commitment Technology: Effects of Term Limits on Vote Share

Journal of Applied Economics, XV(2), November 2012, pp. 321-351.

Estimating Supply and Demand for Gasoline Using Tax Data
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Political Parties and Political Shirking
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Identification of Small Business Owners Using Tax Data
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The Price of Pork: The Seniority Trap in the U.S. House
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Would a Limitation on Bad Debt Write-Offs Discourage High-Risk Loans?
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Temporary and Permanent Book-Tax Differences: Complements or Substitutes?
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